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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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on. tonight. >> much discussion the foreign minister made it clear that president putin is not prepared to make any decisions regarding ukraine until after the referendum on sunday. >> tensions worldwide mounting over rush's invasion of ukraine. we will have information on a situation that could effect everyone on the planet. >> 43 ships and 40 aircraft [inaudible] every passing day the task becomes more difficult. >> the bizarre disappearance of a malaysian jet liner is still unsolved and still the subject of massive conjecture. we will give you the hard facts tonight. >> good, i'm glad you do.
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either sit down and keep quiet or get out o. one or the other. we're done with you. >> also ahead, new jersey governor chris christie getting feisty once again. but does he have a chance to become president? lou dobbs on that. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. no talking points memo this evening because we have a number of breaking stories for you looks like the u.s.a. and russia are on a collision course over you crane high level meeting in london accomplished nothing. first what happened to a missing 777 jet liner that disappeared a week ago? for the latest, let's go to the fox newsroom. >> bill, the headline tonight is u.s. officials say it appears more likely
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that whatever happened to this plane was a result of human intervention. some sort of air piracy. now, are they sure? they are not. but there are a lot of facts that have come together today from american officials that lead them to believe that let me show you. first of all, this is the spot where it first lost contact, right, where the transponders went out. then late this afternoon the "new york times" began reporting that it's now believed the plane went up to 45,000 feet. that's close to a mile higher than it should have been. then went back down to 23,000 feet, two miles below where it should be cruising. and instead of just flying on a straight path, made these zigzags here. that's not a preplanned flight. that's not from anything that they did in the cockpit. that's manual flying according to american officials. we know the area where they are searching. they really think it's over to the west and somewhere in the indian ocean. here is what catherine herridge is reporting today. he know how your cell phone you go through a tunnel or something it loses contact and you come on the other side and circle goes around
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and around and it says finally that a it made contact with verizon or at&t or whatever. the plane was sending out the exact same sort of thing. the plane was sending out a ping once every hour as it is supposed to do and that ping doesn't send any official data, anything specific, not how high i am or how low i am, but it says i am. in other words i'm still flying and it did for four to five hours. at some point according to catherine herridge's reporting the pinging stopped. why? because it crashed or somebody turned it off once it land. that is something they are exploring as fox reports live tonight. so what do we have? we have a mystery with a plane flying at erratic reporting according to the "new york times" and according to catherine herridge still sending out information that it was in the sky but nothing specific exfor what we got from the ground radar. still lots to learn. everything we found out today makes much more sense, bill. as you guys may know, we don't do much speculation here on the factor, other
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news agencies do. guessing about, guessing about what may have happened, wasting your time. last night an hour, one hour on another network of nothing. it was amazing. so tonight, we're going to stick with the facts. joining us now from washington scott brenner, former faa official. so what do we know for sure as we go into the weekend? we're going after a week. what do we know for sure happened? >> well, for sure what we know is malaysian airlines took off on time for, you know, a normal route up to beijing, got about 40 minutes out. checked in with air traffic control, signed off with the traditional way of saying, you know, malaysia flight 370, checking in, good night. air traffic control says good night. sometime shortly thereafter, somebody on board that aircraft turns off that transponder. transponder again is the technology that identifies that aircraft name,
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altitude, speed for air traffic control. a few minutes after that somebody turns off another communication system which provides data on how that aircraft is functioning to their maintenance facility. from there, we understand, according to some satellite data we have been able to pull down is that that aircraft flew for another four to five hours in some direction. other than that, we have no idea what has happened to this aircraft. >> now, in order to disable a transponder and the other gizmo, you would have to be a pilot or somebody very familiar with the airline, right? you would have to know how to do that. >> the transponder is fairly easy to turn off. it's just almost an on and off switch right by the pilot's seat. turning off the other system you actually have to open up a panel and pull out a circuit to stop that from transmitting. >> so we have to assume that the only people on board that plane who could do that would be the pilot or
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co-pilot, or some terrorist who snuck on there who knew all about the airline. that's the only -- the only people who could possibly have done it. correct? >> correct. >> all right. then, you would not do that, a human being would not disable those two machines unless they wanted to cause mayhem. some kind of illegal act. correct? >> correct. >> all right. so, bad things are happening. we know bad things are happening for sure. not speculation. now, the search is in an area six times the size of the united states. but most of the reportage says the plane went into the indian ocean. but there isn't any confirmation of that. correct? >> correct. >> so we don't really know now where that plane headed. so, people are asking me on the streets why haven't the satellites above, you know, that shoot photograph the
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whole earth, constantly orbiting. didn't one of them pick this plane up? is that possible to get data from satellites about where it went? you know it's interesting the satellite data that folks are talking about right now that says the plane flew around for another five hours. i would imagine you would be able to triangulate that beacon and figure out your position i don't know be if that has been done yet but it could be done. >> but it takes a while to download all that satellite data, right? >> it, again, i don't know how long authorities have had this data. >> we don't even know what authorities have it. i mean, i think it's the chinese that have it, right? >> well, it's a boeing product. linked to, i think a u.s.-based satellite system that was just -- the aircraft was actually pinging the satellite. and then nothing else happened. so i don't know if you can can download that data and then show positioning from that. >> all right.
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because it seems to be the only hope of finding this thing quickly unless blind luck kicks in. >> correct. >> let's throw the map up once again. you see a map of that size. now, the final question i have for you, mr. brenner, and i think you have been one of the best experts on this whole thing you don't go into hyperbole or conjecture. when you have a situation like this that looks like there is foul play, there is only one of two things that it can be. terrorism and no terrorist group has taken account. and that's what they do. if a terrorist groupss to bring down a plane they are out with, you know, telling the associated press two minutes after they do it. they want that attention. >> right. >> that has not happened. all right? and then there is a pilot suicide possibility because we had thaty w. an egyptian airliner. >> correct. >> i don't see anything else. do you? >> no. i guess the only thing i would conjecture is if you have a plan to turn off the transponder, the other
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communication system, i would assume you would have a plan to take that aircraft somewhere. but, again, there are auto limited number of places where you can can land a 777. >> sure. >> people need 5,000 feet to land that plane. >> people are going to see it? >> you would hope they would see it the malaysians saw the radar fly right across their country and that didn't seem to alarm them too much at all. i wonder if that spreads to other countries. >> a little chaotic in malaysia. all right. mr. brenner, we appreciate the update. anything happens during this hour. you, the audience will know immediate limit next on the rundown, another troubling situation the russian invasion of ukraine which will come to a head on monday. we will tell you everything we know about that and then chris christie battling some hecklers. wait until you see this. factor is coming right back.
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ly no days with geraldo segment tonight. earlier today secretary of state john kerry met with the russian foreign minister in london to try to head things off. >> i was clear with foreign minister lavrov that the president has made it clear there will be consequences if russia does not find a way to change course. and we don't say that as a threat. we say that as a direct consequence of the choices that russia may or may not choose to make here. >> of course, it is a threat but at this point the rugs have not macing down crimea will be taken away from ukraine. with us now fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. so all this talk they have to do it. you have to talk to them. but they are going to take the phony vote. they have 20,000 troops in crimea. and they are going to take crimea away from ukraine. that's what they are going to do. >> well, the first phase,
5:14 pm
the phony vote and it it is a phony vote. it's pretty ordain. a single russian trooper in there countries all over the world to join the united states. that doesn't mean anything. boundaries are boundaries, borders are borders. it doesn't mean anything. they are going to take it. serbia was making complaints similar to the complaints. orthodox nation. we back kosovo when they succeeded from serbia. so putin is using that as
5:15 pm
the example. wait a second. what about kosovo and serbia. now you are complaining about crimea and ukraine. but, here, let me just. >> we didn't send any troops there? >> we bombed serbia. >> only because of the ethnic cleansing. >> all i'm saying is there are. >> making comparisons. >> there is a parallel, bill, whether we like it or not. let me advance the conversation. the vote happens on sunday. then, i believe that's when crunch time comes. what happens with ukraine? ukraine has made a purported declaration of independence internationally. nobody has to recognize that vote. certainly ukraine doesn't have to recognize that vote. the real peril comes when putin and russia say now that crimea has said they are independent, we are annexing crimea and becoming part of russia. that is an act of war. that is an act of absolute violation of every norm, every protocol can. the united nations charter and everything else all bets are off. here is what has to happen
5:16 pm
in my view. angela merkel, the chancellor of germany has now gone on record and very very straightforward terms this morning. this is a threat to germany. this act threatening military intervention and the rest of ukraine. this is a threat to the european union. and moreover, i promise you, says angela merkel, we're not talking about john kerry, we are talking about the german chancellor who is on the border with poland and russia. there she is is the one that really has the giant economic interest here. she says that this will be a catastrophe for russia. economically and politically. so now, we have germany. we have to get france the united kingdom and the united states standing united with the rest of europe against russia saying what you are doing now, mr. putin, it may feel good. you may be getting off your macho rocks here saying that look at crimea, they have now voted independent i'm telling you mr. putin, this
5:17 pm
is going to be a catastrophe for you, for your oligarchs, for your system. >> you have to do something. >> here is what you are going to do and i think kerry has made this clear. we are going to crunch them economically. look at the russian allah oligarchs. central park south condos going 50, 60, $70 million. you tell them no visas for you guys. you russian high rollers, you can no longer come to these free countries. you are banned. not only that we immediately release the restrictions on the export of u.s. natural gas to europe. we say the united states will now be a major provider of natural gas. you get that going. takes a while to get it up and running. still you announce it and get it going. you tell them everywhere now russia is not part of any of our g 8. forget about g 8 it's going to be g 7. russia is not going to be a player in the world economy.
5:18 pm
will hurt the world economy and hurt american interests in many cases but mostly it will hurt. >> got to do one more step. you have got to say all u.s. financial institutions can cannot accept rubles any business in rubles. >> i agree. goofed one. >> it is a good one because that guts their currency. >> how about this one. immediately send military transport planes to kiev carrying u.s. special operator trainers for the ukraine forces. ukraine can't match russia but you can say. >> obama is not going to do that. >> train your unconventional warriors. we are showing you that you want to be prepared to protect your country. >> he won't do that last one that's too provocative for him. next week is crunch time. they have to do something, they being germany, united states, ukraine and france. they -- u.k. and france. >> governor christie getting heckled and fighting back. does he have a chance to went republican nomination for president? later pinheads of the week. mcguirk and i have our choices. those reports after these
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lou's the boss segment tonight, who will be the next republican nominee for president? last night governor chris christie of new jersey who was in very strong position before the bridge gate scandal was heckled at a town meeting. >> my name is maria. >> go ahead. >> i live in new jersey. >> listen, let me just -- good. i'm glad you do. either sit down and keep quiet or get out. one or the other. we are done with you. >> to help alleviate the problem for us to share the pain to put us more -- >> -- i grew up in a household with an irish father and a cecilian mother which means that i have been raised on conflict. okay? so i have no problem with conflict but what i do have
5:23 pm
a problem a gentleman i called on who doesn't get a chance to ask hematocrit his question. >> according to real clear politics here are the frontrunners for the g.o.p. presidential bid in 2016. mike huckabee 15.7%. christie 13%. rand paul 12%. jeb bush 10% and marco rubio 9.3%. >> you grew up in new jersey you don't christie. >> i have met him. >> you don't hang out with him. not going to the olive garden together. >> not at all. >> it looks like christie is getting his mojo back a little bit. is he not tentative. you didn't see this because of the way it was shot. but christie was trying to field questions at a town hall setting and people were talking to him. and you heard their voices off camera. and then the hecklers, there he is, one of them, would interrupt and then christie told him to get out. so that's the old christie. i mean, was a little bit more subdued.
5:24 pm
the old christie probably would have hit him with the microphone. he is damaged good to some extent. if there is nothing else, i think he is going to be formidable. >> there is no doubt as you say formidable. it is interesting to hear the number of people, money people who are discounting him now who were fervently, passionately. >> but they are pac people. they are pac. you know the press is trying to destroy christie. mainstream media is trying to destroy him. and the money people follow that but, if it doesn't work, he could definitely rise, because there is nobody else dominating right now. you saw the list. you know, there is nobody else dominating. huckabee is ahead. and huckabee works for fox news. huckabee, you know, is not even in the elected position right now. so, i think that there is room for christie to reestablish himself. >> well, i wish i could disagree with you but i think that you are right to make it a little more interesting to go to, you know, to go into some kind of verbal combat over his chances, but, bill, it's
5:25 pm
really important that everybody understand that his backers, the people who were most ardently for him are saying okay, let's wait and see what happens. >> it's a wait and see, sure. >> he has got a big hurdle here to overcome with bridge gate because there is so much that can can turn and twist because, as you say, the democrats, the national liberal media, are after this man. and they are targeting. they mean to destroy. >> why do you think they want to destroy? >> for the very simple reason that he is the guy right now who at least before bridge gate was the principle, the principle threat to hillary clinton. >> why is he a threat to hillary? >> i think hillary is most threatened by him because he is the governor of a very important low state. he has shown that he can work with both sides. also saw the man who everybody adores because he will will sit there and not put up with nonsense. is he a strong, affirmative leader too strong but most
5:26 pm
people will really react positively and have poll after poll after poll. >> the problem christie has say he does get the come back and against hillary clinton his tendency is to attack. the governor is aggressive. he is going to call out what he thinks is hypocrisy. he is going to call out what he thinks is inefficiency. as soon as he does that hillary clinton is going to go he is a bully. he is a bully. he is attacking women. the war on women. that strategy against christie. >> i think it is exactly the correct strategy against christie. because even men who are strong, they are not -- don't want to avoid confrontation at all say christie is a little too much here. >> that's what his base wants. his base wants him to go after hillary clinton and the press and undecided remember rick blazio who ran against hillary clinton for senator of new york and he went over to her podium.
5:27 pm
>> aggressively. >> he wasn't that aggressive. de blasio is not a big macho man. he went over and did something. >> with her space. he invaded her space. that was a big deal. >> national media for everyone who doesn't know. you would have thought that he had set up barb wire. >> you would have thought that he set her pants suit on fire. that's what you would have thought secretary of state clinton former, he doesn't have the same advantage in my opinion. because he cannot be so strong with her. he can't, quote unquote, go after her. he will have to place his fights very very carefully with her. because no matter what we talk about. >> any man running against hillary clinton advantage. lou dobbs, everyone. here are the results of our straw poll. we ask bill o'
5:28 pm
premium members to select who they would like to see run on the g.o.p. side. ben carson is the winner. hey, ben, where to go. dr. carson 17%. mike huckabee 14. chris christie 12. rand paul 11%. governor walker of wisconsin 8%. that's amazing. carson, get him on to get reaction of that gutfeld and mcguirk completely out of control tonight. we have an extended chat. and then letterman and i disagree over entertainment lure rid for children. he and i disagree with that. neutralizes acid on contact. and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... tums!
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viagra home delivery. get started at personal story segment tonight. just about everybody believes hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee for president in 2016. there are some on her left that may give a challenge. one of those may be senator bernie sanders from vermont who joins us now from washington. so, senator, i'm not going to debate you tonight i just want to get your positions on the record. i might give you a little jazz. but primarily i just want to know what you think. let's start with number one. you are a socialist. what does that mean? >> what it means is that we have a lot to learn from democratic socialist governments that have existed in countries like denmark, sweden, finland, nor way where all people have healthcare as a right. where higher education is free. where they have strong child care program. where they don't have the massive type of income and wealth inequality that we have in the united states of
5:33 pm
america. >> so cradle to grave entitlements in order to raise the money to do that in a nation of 320 million because sweden has 9 million. all right. you have to tax. >> yep. >> so me i make a lot of money. did you know that senator? >> i kind of guessed that, bill. >> yeah, i make a lot. what is my income tax rate under your administration? what would it be? >> it will be more than it is right now. >> no, give me a number. >> no, i'm not going to give you abulbasher in. it's something that have to look at. 70%, 80%? >> well, we used to have as you know under dwight d. highway hour i think the nominal tax rates were 90%. >> you know that was a ruse. >> you have massive income and wealth inequality. one out of four corporations in this country paying nothing in taxes. g.e. has not paid federal income taxes. >> you have to give me as a voter an idea of what kind of pain you are going to inflick on me. >> you are not going to get it right now. that's a policy question. >> going to punt on that one. >> not punt on that one. you are going to pay more. how much more.
5:34 pm
>> if you want to run for president you have to tell me. >> i have a time on that. >> putin, okay? so putin is going to seize crimea. what do you do to putin. >> i think first of all the lesson that we learned that we don't repeat what happened in iraq and afghanistan. with the united states virtually did it alone. we are a tight global community. the entire world has got to stand up to putin. we have got to deal with sanctions. we have to deal with freezing assets. but the entire world has got to. >> your president sanders and you bring in merkel and you bring in everybody else in europe and go this is what i want to do to putin. what do you want to do, senator? what do you want to do to him. >> totally isolate him politically. totally isolate him economically. >> give me one example of an economic sanction you would like to see. >> well, you freeze assets that the russian government has all over the world. >> you freeze them. you say, hey, any russian money in u.s. banks, english banks you can't get it. >> you tell. >> that's pretty harsh. putin is not going to sit for that you know that. >> well, international
5:35 pm
corporations have huge investments in russia. you could threaten pulling them out there. are a number of things that you could do. this is what you don't do. you don't go to war. you don't sacrifice lives of young people in this country as we did in iraq and afghanistan. >> putin invades poland, you go to war for that. say did you that? >> that's a hypothetical. >> it is a hypothetical. i want to know if you are a passivist completely. >> no. i'm not a passivist completely by any means. >> putin pushed it and started to really roll. you might have to take military action. >> the issue is again right now the united states alone spends almost as much money, bill, on defense as the rest of the world. >> yeah because we are the world -- we are the ones that protect freedom. >> yeah we also don't have enough. that's fine but we don't have enough money to take care of our veterans, our infrastructure is crumbling, kids can't afford to go to college. we have got to work with the entire global economy and all the countries around the world. >> and president obama has tried to do that and he is has not gotten very far. now, your state is awash in
5:36 pm
heroin, vermont. tremendous epidemic of heroin. so hard drugs, you punish people who sell hard drugs? yes, no? >> absolutely. there is nothing worse than heroin dealers. >> you are not soft on hard drugs? you are not a drug legalizer? >> but i do believe is that the war on drugs in it entirely. >> who shouldn't be in jail somebody who sells heroin or crack. >> somebody should be in heroin. somebody smoking a little marijuana should not be in jail usually plea downs from major weight. not soft on drugs. last one, under president obama median income in this country has fallen $7,000 on average which is a disaster. that's what the economy is all about. workers aren't making enough money. how do you turn that around? >> good question. and that's ultimately the most important question, bill. because the middle class of america is collapsing. has been collapsing for 30
5:37 pm
years. blame this on obama. middle class is collapsing. poverty suspect and the rich are doing phenomenally well. what do you do? in america we are going to rebuild our crumb bling infrastructure. by doing that we're going to create millions of jobs and raise the minimum wage. >> massive public works like fdr. putting everybody to work. the government pays for people to rebuild the country. >> bill, our freezing rain structure is collapsing. >> i'm not arguing with you senator. i'm trying to clarify. >> infrastructure is the fastest way to create jobs. >> like the tennessee valley authority. sanders valley authority. we are going to get a big. everybody is going to get a job working for the government to rebuild the infrastructure. >> it's not just working for the government. you can have private sector jobs as well. but the point is when real unemployment today is close to 13%, youth unemployment is at 20%, it is absolutely imperative that our highest priority is to put people back to work. >> all right. but they have got to want to work and incentive to work.
5:38 pm
what are the odds that you run for president? 10 to 1? 50 to 1? what is it. >> we will wait patiently and see, bill. it's still pretty early. >> appreciate you coming on. when we come right back, get feld and mcguirk as you have never seen them before. o'reilly and letterman another disagreement upcoming.
5:39 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in what the heck just happened segment tonight a lack back. we began this segment about a year and a half ago. and there have been some, well, interesting moments. >> jesus, when does life begin? >> hmmm, at 40. [ laughter ] >> what? >> and he was like -- >> -- the fertilized eggs aren't people. people are people. >> and you say? >> i say first of all, of course, it's offensive manifestation of religious bigotry. background on this chic snl year one fired. then she became jimmy kimmel's girlfriend. kimmel dumped her and comedy central dumped her she turned to political activism and offending politically correct targets like christians, not muslims to get attention. that's what this is. >> you don't have to do this stuff. you don't have to people liars.
5:43 pm
if your argument is stronger you don't need mock religion and don't need to do it. argument is weaker. i believe that's why they do what they do. >> in their world they believe this is edgy. this is rebellious. >> it's an attention-getter. >> yarn. >> this stuff is part of the landscape in america. >> what was it mohammed would be out of the question. >> that's right. never do it christianity they wouldn't do it. ♪ ♪ >> san francisco commission on environment. banning the release of butterflies at weddings because they say it hurts the indigenous population. my theory is they are killing jobs for butterflies, what other work are they going to do but this? and the commission says that you are treating them like party favors. that's better than the way they are normally treated. these are just good-looking insects. this is totally ludicrous.
5:44 pm
if these were normal flies they would be crushed there is are a manny models and they get a free ride. i have had it with butterflies. kill them all. >> this is true. san francisco is passing an ordinance that you can't let butterflies loose or capture them or anything, right? >> yeah. they also banned the recently circumcisioned and public nudity. i don't know if they are both connected but they did. nawbilityd. >> this guy is just hapless, right? >> i think that outburst was prompted when the dominoes pizza guy was late. you know, let me apologize to the mayor of toronto for that cheap crack. that's probably not the first time he heard that. i think he is being unfairly stigmatized for two reasons because he is overweight. is he half a buffoon and he smoked crack. if he looked like mitt
5:45 pm
romney and did a couple of lines of cocaine nobody would care. >> he is the most interesting person to come out of canada probably since elanes more set. >> do you know what leads more teenagers and children to try marijuana boiler coming against it you could get people to stop smoking dope if you said you smoked dope. [ laughter ] >> think about it? >> yeah. i will for about 10 seconds. >> no, that's genius. every pot head would quit. >> maybe you haven't noticed, gutfeld, i'm like the lone voice in the wilderness here. all the other media pinheads, first of all they all smoke pot, except me. he carries a bong around in the hallway. do you know what he says it is. >> a medical device. >> a genie and aladdin thing. gutfeld i got this in iraq. it's a souvenir. and no one is buying this. okay? cheech maren signed it. >> a rather predictable target. >> kanye west.
5:46 pm
he acts like angry thin skinned punk. he has cars by the dozens and also this latest episode with kim kardashian who has this nasty episode with ex is tapes and is he jumping up and down on the crouch like tom cruise over this girl. >> do you realize nobody really cares about munless you p hop community? no one really cares. >> even your audience knows. >> they know who he is primarily because the taylor swift thing. >> i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> you know when he he went in and embarrassed that young woman. >> kanye west airline. >> you think so? >> on deck, mcguirk and i have our pinheads of the week. that's next.
5:47 pm
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. tonight, the pin heads of the week, here now with his selection, the always enthusiast bernard mcguerk, well, i understand yesterday caught your attention. >> girls are less interested in leadership than boys, that is because they worry about being called bossy. >> we need to tell them that ambition is okay. >> we need to tell them that words matter. >> so who is the pinhead out of that crew? >> well, the pinhead is actually cheryl sandberg. >> she was the most sincere of all of them. >> she started the whole bossy thing. she is a ceo, far be it for me, to pass judgment on women who
5:51 pm
feel put on. the reason this lady is a pin head, i remember when there was a woman running for president, she was called a c-word by a couple of men. sarah palin was the one made a victim, called the c-word by bill mayer, and beyonce in this video, who is married to jay-z, who uses curse words -- >> there is a lot of deficit to this problem. i said this last night, i think that if you are a powerful woman and aggressive woman that you are demeaned sometimes. and i think the message is okay but you don't ban words. >> no you don't, but you ban the b word and the h word, you certainly do. >> i mean in polite society, but these rappers don't care. >> and that is where courage comes in, it is all over the
5:52 pm
am/fm radio. >> you should get away from bossy and into these other precincts. now, my pinhead of the week is lady gaga, let's roll it. >> i live for the applause, applause ♪ way that you ♪ ♪ the applause, applause, applause ♪ give me the thing that i love ♪ >> all right, now lady gaga, here is her, 2012 foundation's federal tax report. ready? $2 million taken in, $5,000 donated. $2 million taken in, most of that from lady gaga herself. >> yes. >> all right, she gave $1.2 million to her foundation. $5,000? where did the money go? $300,000, strategic consulting,
5:53 pm
$400,000 on legal fees. what this means, ladies and gentlemen, i added my foundation, where all billo' profits go to me that goes right into the foundation. and we give away millions of dollars, we have very little overhead. what this is, is a beard, allowing lady gaga to travel, to do products and promotions under this banner, to hire pr people, it is a ruse, you shouldn't be doing this. if you have a foundation that the $2 million at least 80% of it should go to charity. >> i mean, her intentions are good, given the fact she donated 2 million. >> $5,000 in 2012 for your foundation. bull, bull. >> i agree, you're right on the money. >> what is your favorite lady gaga song?
5:54 pm
>> they all sound the same to me. >> you're into the meat dress? no doubt about it, i heard you talking about it before. >> mcguerk is wrong. >> i like sade. >> and the beach boys, hermits, hermits. >> i like songs, melodies, no hoes in there. factor tip of the day moments away. ♪
5:55 pm
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also april 3rd, megyn kelly, brian kilmeade, and i, do a show out on long island. tickets going very fast. and in virginia, o'reilly, congratulations on showing beyonce's video every night. i don't want to see it but i'm sure you do. sarcastic, it is not all about you. about convincing the american public that great harm is being done to the children by people like beyonce, in order to make the case you have to see the product. i understand you don't like the product. my concern is not for you, but for the kids, the fact you would assign me that puts you in a very unflattering light. got it? and o'reilly, you are a hip --
5:58 pm
hypocrite, your show is soft porn, and it is spin, mark, the economy can be spun many ways, but the bottom line, america's earning power has dropped substantially under president obama, that is the whole truth. and bill, you and miller sounded like adolescent children when you talked about cats. bill, you must realize that threatening to hit a double -- it was a grounds rule double, but if a 22-pound cat attacks me i'm going to have to defend myself, otherwise, the cat is fine, and bill, you and a miller are idiots, and bill, i am looking to buy killing jesus for my grandson, how do i do that?
5:59 pm
the book is stunning and will be out april 1st, you can order it on barnes & nobles. and finally, i taped the david letterman program which will be seen this evening. over the years, dave and i have had our differences and once again we sparred over the entertainment children's issue, specifically over beyonce, the debate is respectful and i think you would enjoy it. let me know what you think, factor tip of the day, letterman show tonight. that is it for us, check out the fox website, different from, name and town if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be rapacious, do not be rapacious when writing to the factor, don't forget the "mad as hell" sector on
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thursdays. ms. megyn is up next, i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. there is breaking news tonight with new clues just coming in about what may have happened inside the missing malaysia airlines jet. reports indicate the plane wildwild ly ascended and descended. tonight we'll bring you coverage of the mysterious disappearance and the breaking news as i am joined by a whole team of aviation, naval and terror experts. but first we want to get you caught up on the latest developments some


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